Rather Than Men was created by a group of Christians throughout the United States of America. We were inspired by the biblical character of Daniel, who, despite his circumstances, spoke boldly about and defended his calling from God. When faced with an oppressive government intent on silencing Daniel’s declaration of faith in God, he refused to recant. Even when his words caused anger, resentment, and even persecution, he spoke the truth. In the New Testament, in response to the Pharisee’s commands to be silent, Peter and the other apostles offered a statement we aim to follow: “We must obey God rather than men.”  Likewise, we believe that as Christians we have the responsibility to speak the truth with convicted consciences, even when our words may cause discomfort, anger, and resentment.

We believe that God has called each Christian to spread his Word and that he can use people from all backgrounds, ages, abilities, and races. We’ve created this blog as a platform for individuals to share the impressions God is making on their hearts with an audience. We believe that all Christians have the ability to speak God’s truth and we aim to give them the opportunity to share it. If you have something you feel led to share, please reach out to those of us at Rather Than Men.

We live in a day and age where free speech remains a right, but it has been devalued, regulated, and routinely distorted in the name of political correctness. While being politically correct is not always wrong, it often requires us to sacrifice the truth for fear of offending others. This may weaken our cause for Christ as a result. We aim to use our freedom of speech to speak the truth in love, often things that are unpopular or uncomfortable. Correction becomes uncomfortable when we grow complacent in our lives, but Christians are called to encourage our fellow believers when they become stagnant. We believe that just as Christ interrupted and improved the lives of the Jews in His time on earth, we are called to interrupt and improve each others’ lives. Through our articles, we aim to exhort our fellow Christians toward action and passion for Christ.

Rather Than Men does not claim to be the only group to speak the truth of Scripture. Instead, we aim to project light, provoke thought, and produce action among other Christians. In every article we post, we will strive to view our culture through the lens of Scripture, allowing the Bible to dictate how we interact with society, instead of the other way around. We believe that God is unchanging and His word has endured across centuries and generations. In the face of society’s increasing fascination with moral relativism and indeterminate truth, we cling to the immutability of the Almighty God. We aim to make our words, ineffectual on their own, reflect God’s power and truth through the study of Scripture.

We recognize God’s absolute sovereignty in every aspect of life. Not only does He maintain power over the natural world, God also sets up and brings down governments, rulers, and nations. In our writing, regardless of the topic, we aim to acknowledge that the triune God is our King, Judge, Comforter, Father, Shepherd, and Physician. By submitting to God’s authority, we trust that all things hinge upon His sustaining mercy and grace. Through our articles, we aim to teach our readers to apply scripture to their political, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives.

These articles are the products of much thought, research, and spiritual reflection. We may, in an attempt to speak the truth, disagree with your own opinions. When that happens, we will do our best to understand your line of thinking and maintain the unity of the body of Christ, so long as it agrees with the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. We may not come to an agreement, but we will speak with respect for your opinion. We ask you to do the same. In our articles, we aim to engage both our readers and our culture in a mutually edifying discussion.


Rather Than Men